Ross Christifulli – Client Acquisition Mastery - Full Course

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Ross Christifulli – Client Acquisition Mastery
Land 2-3 High Paying Clients Every Week!”
Client Acquisition Mastery is the fasted path to 6 or 7 figures in your agency!
You will learn the ground breaking techniques that I use to penetrate the clients reptilian brain and get them to act and act quickly. If you do not understand your offer, than you will have to work that much harder to get someone interested.
You will learn how to convert trials like a PRO! Learning step-by-step is critical to converting trials. Using my techniques, once perfected you will be able to convert 3/5 trials with ease!
You can only endure the “race” if you have an amazing end goal in mind! I will help you build a system that is so powerful that you will have no choice but to succeed!
When you learn to step out of your business and work on the business, you will finally understand true Freedom.
What You Get Today..
– All The Tools And Materials You Need To Start Or Grow A Successful Agency. (ClickFunnels Not Included)
– My “10K Model” To Create A Sustainable Business
– How To Find Businesses That Can Afford To Pay You!
– Scripts That Work (Learn The Best Scripts To Open Doors)
– How To Nail A Strategy Call
– Rapid Results (Get Your Clients Results In 7 Days) – By Daniel Veiga
– 30 Hours Of Live Class Replays!
– Bi- Weekly Group Coaching
Bonus #1 Your First Prospecting List!
Bonus #2 “Client Acquisition Funnel Training”
Bonus #3 My Top 10 Converting Funnels
Bonus #4 “Rapid Results”
Bonus #5 Bi-Weekly Group Coaching!
Bonus #6 Lifetime Access To Morevago
Bonus #7 “Scripts That Work”