Rob Booker – Orlando 2015 Workshop

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    The weekend consisted of Rob and 6 of his trading friends to include:

    Rob Booker @robbooker

    Scott Welsh @swelsh66

    Matt LaCoco @mattlacoco

    Jared Johnson @daytradersfx

    Shonn Campbell @FX_Operator

    Nimer Ghazal @fxtigerfx

    Chris Pulver @pulverchris

    Access to anyone one of these traders is remarkable but having access to all of them over a weekend was extraordinary.   The takeaways from the session were too numerous for me to list or go into any detail.

    At a high level, each of the traders all have different trading style, methodologies, time frames, favorite trade setups, financial instruments etc.   However, regardless of each’s approach to the market and trading, they all agreed on a few principles:  Trade Size and Habits.

    Decide what kind of trader you want to be and stop trying to be everything.

    Be happy with profit.   No matter how small.