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Volume I: Levels of Development

  • Harness the latent capacities of each level and the evolutionary challenges you must face to attain them.
  • Illuminate the hidden pathologies inherent in each level and learn the tools you need to restore them to balance.
  • Discover how to utilize the unique attributes of each level of development to catalyze your psycho-spiritual evolution
  • Uncover the ancient roots of human culture and the remarkable trajectory of our astounding future.

Volume II: Lines of Development

  • Illuminate the skills and wisdom each line gives you access to.
  • Identify the lines where you are strong and learn how to leverage your strengths in any situation.
  • Identify your weaknesses and discover ways strengthen them or work around them.
  • Discover how to use the lines to identify new potentials you can aspire to and access to achieve your goals.

Volume III: States of Consciousness

  • Experience a revolutionary new insight into what you are capable of accessing within your own interior.
  • Learn practices that will increase your effectiveness in every state.
  • Develop a whole new understanding of the world’s faith traditions.
  • Identify new growth possibilities that will enhance your life.

Volume IV: Types and Drives

  • Discover the deeper reasons behind our natural behavioral tendencies toward one or another.
  • Learn practices you can engage to integrate healthy expressions of all 4 types/drives into your life.
  • Uncover the potential allergies and pathologies that occur with each type and learn how to avoid them.
  • Understand how your gender influences your evolutionary path.

Volume V: Evolutionary Dimension (Quadrants)

  • Discover how to access tools that will allow you to diagnose your health, the health of others, and even of organizations within each dimension.
  • Identify which dimensions are most foreign and uncomfortable for you.
  • Leverage your strengths in one domain to help your weaknesses in another.
  • Discover how you can best affect change in each quadrant.


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