Egill Bjorgvinsson – Technical Analysis : From Beginner To Pro

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    Learn about the Forexmarkets, trading and technical analysis, learn the difference between gambling and doing what the big names on Wall Street are doing and actually educate yourself on how to make money and being constantly profitable. This is what you want to do , success starts with you just deciding. Start today, decide and live your dream.

    This is what you are going to get from this course.

    • Over 79 lectures and 18 hours of content!
    • Students will be able to Trade the Forex markets, be consistent and profitable.
    • Students will have a complete understanding of the Technical aspect of the markets
    • Will be able to manage money the right way!
    • Please make sure you read the Table of content of each lecture for detailed information on the course


    Section 1: Introduction – Developing Yourself

    Section 2: First step to Technical Analysis – Introduction to Structure

    Section 3: DT – DB and Harmonics

    Section 4: Indicators, how to use them !

    Section 5: Fibonacci Ratio Trading – The math of the universe

    Section 6: Our Toolbox – Adding to Our Toolbox

    Section 7: Building Your Trading Plan

    Section 8: Improve your Technical Analysis

    Section 9: BackTesting and The DYS ( Develop your System or Strategy )

    Section 10: You are on your way (Targets and Stops)

    Section 11: Master your mind

    Section 12: Goal settings